What is Resveratrol and How Can it Help My Dog?

What is Resveratrol and How Can it Help My Dog?

The supposed health benefits of red wine have been touted for centuries, and more recently, scientists have taken a closer look at one specific compound contained in red grape skin: resveratrol.

Numerous studies through the years have shown resveratrol to be a potentially effective treatment in humans for everything from slowing the cognitive decline in Alzheimers patients, to combating heart diseasefighting obesity and even staving off cancer. So it should come as no surprise that resveratrol based supplements are trickling into the animal health market.

Wait, if resveratrol is found in grapes, is it toxic to dogs?

No. While it is true that red grape skin is a natural source of resveratrol, the compound occurs naturally in a variety of plants. The commercial source for the vast majority of Resveratrol products is a shrub named Japanese Knotweed (Polygonum cuspidatum). At Petthrive, we carefully source our resveratrol to ensure maximum purity and bioavailability.




Petthrive Soft Chews contain the active ingredients resveratrol and hyaluronic acid (HA). Resveratrol supports bone and joint health by promoting a healthy inflammatory response in aging dogs. Hyaluronic acid sustains cartilage health as dogs grow older.

They also taste like bacon. You're just gonna have to trust us on this one.

"I feel like to large degree, even in the animal pharmaceutical world, not enough attention is being paid to formulations that maximize the bioavailability of different compounds," explains Dr. Patrick Lawless, Petthrive Founder and President. "There are many things you can do from a formulation perspective that will improve the bioavailability of a product. Resveratrol has extremely poor bioavailability, and if the manufacturer does not take steps to formulate it in a way that makes it more bioavailable for pets, you're wasting your time and money."

Petthrive Soft Chews support a healthy inflammatory response in dogs. Appropriate inflammation levels promote long term joint health and mobility and healthy metabolism in dogs. Daily administration of Petthrive can help your dog enjoy excellent quality of life through the natural aging process.  

Resveratrol is not a miracle drug that will make your senior pal a puppy again, but it can safely improve quality of life by supporting healthy joints and bones. And you know exactly what you're getting with each dose.

Now that's news we can drink to. 

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