Dr. Patrick Lawless was working as a biopharmaceutical research scientist developing new anti-inflammatory drugs. Through his own research, Dr. Lawless was familiar with the natural anti-inflammatory compound resveratrol, which was receiving a great deal of recognition at that time as the first compound identified to activate the “anti-aging gene” SIRT1. He realized an opportunity to apply resveratrol toward improving animal health and performance. 

In 2008, Dr. Lawless developed a proprietary active ingredient, Resverasyn®, which is purified and microencapsulated resveratrol to significantly improve bioavailability. He then launched Equithrive and Petthrive (now Thrive Animal Health), working closely with veterinarians to formulate products. The result was a flagship product consisting of Resverasyn®, and Hyaluronic Acid, to safely support healthy joint and metabolic function in animals through aging. 

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A 2016 blinded clinical trial at Texas A&M University found this formula to support soundness and a healthy inflammatory response in horses. 

With an ongoing focus on research, development, and meeting customer needs, Thrive Animal Health continues to set the standard in the animal nutrition industry with an ever-expanding catalog of rigorously tested products.